Problems OEM door:

  • Poor adjustable overlock
  • No equal pressure on the O-ring
  • Expensive O-rings needed to compensate
  • Early leakage
  • Extra polymer building in metal etcher
  • High wear, overhaul every 3 years (200,000  to 300,000 wafers)
  • High total overhaul costs.  (Either internal manpower and parts or external refurbishment costs)
  • To many parts that can fail, and which have to be adjusted.

TPO reengineered together with the leader in vacuum valves, an improved wafer transfer valve

  • Use of existing proven door assy, (10 years in the field)
  • Plug and play replacement assy for Rainbow, TCP and Alliance.
  • Low wear, overhaul only every every 10 to 15 years.       (2,000,000  to 3,000,000 wafers)
  • Constant O-ring pressure > No leakage
  • High uptime & low maintenance cost.
  • Exclusively available at TPO-engineering or its partners