TPO-engineering offers a 1 to 1 replacement for metal/poly ESC

  • The TPO ESC is totally produced and tested in Europe
  • Made from exact  the same type aluminium alloy as the OEM 
  • Also all base material is produced in Europe
  • Anodisation is same type, thickness and roughness as the OEM.
  • ESC's are tested according OEM specifications
  • Handles up to 80°C and 900 Volt.
  • Extreme good clamping
  • Over 200 ESC's produced
  • Short lead times, if needed next day delivery from stock.

TPO has currently 3 versions avaiable

  1. Replacement for 718-094523-281 for 9400TCP, 9400PTX, 9400DFM, 9600PTX and 9600DFM.
    This version includes replacement for the 718-043893-801

  2. Replacement  for 718-094756-081for the 9600TCP.
    This version includes replacement for the 718-043893-811

  3. Replacement for 718-092326-081 for the 4420, 4720, 4420XL and 4720XL.
    This version includes replacements for the 718-043893-818