Older pressure regulation valves from Tylan General Valve , Millipore Valve , Mykrolis , Celerity,  Nor-cal, MKS and even VAT valves all suffer from poor pressure regulation.

  • The old valves regulates very slow, which cost a lot of throughput and process gas.
  • The old valves have limited number of steps; therefore it can hardly regulate higher pressures at low flow.
  • The old valve are not heated so they quickly contaminated which causes the throttle to become loose or to stuck, and therefore prone to fail.

Faster and better pressure regulation >  Gains higher throughput & Eliminates pressure aborts

TPO reengineered together with the leader in vacuum valves, plug and play pressure regulate solutions.


  • Up to >>>80% faster and better pressure regulation for a more stable process
  • Eliminates process and cross-over aborts
  • Gain higher throughput up to >>>20% depending on tool and recipe
  • Uptime improvement
  • Yield improvement at 9600PTX uwave were aborts can cause corrosion.
  • ntegrated heating when polymer building needs to be prevented.
  • Comes as a plug and play kit with procedure for easy installation
  • Proven concept, Number of  tools upgraded in the field : >>>120
  • Exclusively available at TPO-engineering or its partners